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M-System 14 – Angel Cities

“Angel City 5 – 2080 AD”

By Nick Ray Ball 24th November 2016
on Sienna’s 7th Birthday


The graphic above depicts my angel Sienna in the year 2080, now 91 years old but not looking or feeling a day over 21 (angels are lucky like that). Sienna is in a city and a tropical resort. This is how we wish S-World resort developments to be.
But whilst Angel City 5 is desired to be a wonderful place to live, that is not what this chapter is about. In this time (2016) Angel City 5 not a place but a point in time, the furthest of the 5 Angel Cities in 2080.

For this article, I have a simple way to present, at that is to simply ask

‘If you could pick 16 desired concepts, that you would like your children and grandchildren to experience, what would they be?

You can see my current selection is the slide show above, and I present each desired concept at the end of this article.

For a less simple but intriguing vision of how to achieve the above, please read on and when ready look at the section ‘M-Systems.’

Angel City five is a part of M-System 14 ‘Angel Cities,’ the partner projects to M-System 13 S-World UCS Voyager. (There are 16 M-Systems)

Inspired by the ‘whatever can happen will’ Eureka moment provided by Garret Lisi, which lead to the first two books American Butterfly part 2 ‘Spiritually Inspired Software’ and part 3 The Network on a String.’ (The continuation of American Butterfly part 1 The Theory of Every Business.


In which we create copies of a Virtual Social (and Business) Network and send them forward in time, at a pace of twice our speed, so a year in our time is half a year in S-World Voyager. giving S-World businesses the opportunity to virtually conduct business if the future, with the options to follow or not follow the timeline back in real time/life.


Angel Cities were originally given the designation ‘BBS’ ‘Business Book Simulations.’ And were initially created as a by-product of the UCS Voyagers, providing logistical support. However, as the systems developed and we learned about the Feynman Sum over histories, that says a particle/system has no definite history, then the creating of future simulations of the S-World Network became a central point of the project. It fitted perfectly with our mantra since May 2nd 2011, the quote from Isaac Asimov the American author and professor known for his works of science fiction and popular science

“You may not predict what an individual may do, but you can put in motion, things that will move the masses in a direction that is desired, thus shaping if not predicting the future.”

Here is the original graphic from American Butterfly part 2 ‘Spiritually Inspired Software.’ Chapter 1: The Entangled Butterfly in the sub chapter – QuESC The Quantum Economic System Core. In which we see the inner working of M-Systems, and how we create what we call ‘a circular event.’


S-World is built upon circular events. What we are seeing above is how the S-World staff and systems work in tune with a mass on line game ‘S-World UCS.’ (Universal Colonization Simulator). The players of the on-line game represent the random or quantum factor ‘free will’, some choosing winning paths through the game, that even a quantum computer could not create. This free thinking is then processed by M-Systems and S-World staff, who develop this path in real world into a new opportunity, we call this ‘The Butterfly Creator’ which creates the real-world opportunity and either an existing network is strengthened or a new network is born, we call this event ‘The Butterfly Receiver’.

Where after then repeats indefinitely so creating a gigantic circular event at the heart of the system. And to a degree a system close to a genuine AI, as if it has as many users as Facebook, it would see the random indigence of 1, billion individuals, which is quite collective consciousness.

Angel City 5


Angel City 5 is the nerve centre for the S-World networks long term ambitions. In this City, (or currently this bedroom) we plan the best earth, we can logistically create. And once the blueprint is set, we create paths back through Angel Cities 4, 3, 2 and 1 so that each wonder or ‘special project’ has a definite history back from 2080 to 2020 and Angle City 1.

Then we go back and forwards, the history changing to suit real world developments but the trick is to create the history in a such a flexible way that no there are a great many different histories that all create the desired result. Creating this future ‘Angel City 5’ and its many histories back to our time is the primary objective of all M-Systems, all systems work as one to achieve this event.

To add to the complexity, and as a prototype in the real world right now we are work back


If one wishes to see or just know that Elephants or Rhinos’ live in the wilds of Africa in the next decade, please ecstatically jump on bard, as currently we (humanity) are losing this fight.

It takes new, out the box thinking to fix this, it requires a whole new way of performing charity. We call it progressive charity, and we are creating ‘The Sienna Foundation,’ an adaptation of sorts of the idea behind the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation which greatly infused me at the begging of this project.


Since its conception in February 2011 and the creation of, S-World has been creating its own progressive charity model. Which started with an initiative called ‘Give Half Back,’ which was basically the idea of creating a network of many (or maybe even) all businesses and the profit that would-be mine, would be used for ecological, social, scientific, and philanthropic endeavours. Not unlike the path Mark Zuckerberg and Priscilla Chan have recently chosen, but instead of making a network and using the money philanthropically, the philanthropy in embedded in the fabric of the S-World Network.


Over the past 6 years ‘Give Half Back.’ Has developed into S-World receiving 25% of the gross profit (which would in most cases be more than 50% of net profit) from each business and individual in the network. However, at first this income is solely spent on marketing and development for the contributing company, only after our networks are successful does the income become discretionary to S-World. By using this system, we create an environment that an individual would gladly accept.

Let’s me give an example. Say one invested $100,000 in a S-World Villa Secrets network opportunity. That company or individual would make at least $100,000 a year in shareholder income, before we used any of their money for ‘Give Half Back.’ And thereafter we would not let the network slip backwards. (See M-System 3 ‘The Susskind Boost).


When a company has reached the point where we can use the ‘Give Half Back’ for special projects, it will not necessarily be spent philanthropically, not directly, a good example of this is Experience Africa in which we make a royalties free a version of S-World Villa Secrets web framework, software and systems for individual Safaris.

Our aim is to make them 16% more profitable, which is an easy target for most, the Villa Secrets Systems are expected to far more powerful come 2020. For the royalty, free use of our systems, they donate 12.5% of their turnover to the fight against poaching. If by 2020 a third of the safaris were using our systems, it would raise over a hundred million dollars each year.

There is room in the market for such a system, and as such a system is entrenched in marketing and development it would without doubt increase the number of visitors to safaris in general so it’s a win / win. As such every success in Villa Secrets is a part of the solution for Experience Africa. Its complex but very real. And unlike most charity it is self-supporting.

The objective of S-World is not about short term gains, but we will take short term victories if we can. But mostly it’s about long-term solutions, our objective is to work to build our perfect future… In stages managed from the 5 Angel Cites.

1. Angel City 1 – 2020
2. Angel City 2 – 2024
3. Angel City 3 – 2032
4. Angel City 4 – 2048
5. Angel City 5 – 2080

This graphic, whilst a bit technical, illustrates the role of the Angel Cities with M-Systems


Angel City 5 objectives V2.0

Angel City 5’s original objectives were presented in The Theory of Every Business as first in chapter 3 a set of philanthropic, social and ecological consequences of building the resort networks, and secondly in chapter 8 as a set of 8 special projects

Note that in S-World economics from a certain point of view, the more expensive and labour intensive a project, the better it is. As it is sustainable in the long term. (It sustains the economy in the long term.)

1. Experience Africa


Experience Africa creates a safe environment and all endangered species in Africa and across the world.

2. Angel POP, (see original theme)


A series of 32,768 resort/property developments, each one an ecological improvement. Each one a hub for S-World business spread evenly across the planet.
It is in the nature of POP that the more successful the S-World network is, the more determined is the probability of completing what we call the Global Network Cube, and with the completion of the network cube, most or all poverty will be elevated.

That is so long as the population does not rise beyond what this earth can reasonably support.

3. The Population Point (TPP)


We should seek to contain population growth to under 12 billion (The hardest of all special projects).

However we have seen that the more affluent a country the lower its population growth, as such the sooner we can enact Angel POP the sooner we can create a solution.

4. The Spartan Theory


The Spartan Theory’ is the end of war, and peace on earth idea that triggered the creation of, the 42 chapters of are all ‘The Spartan Theory.

The second hardest of all special projects, linked in many ways to the success of Angel Pop and The Population Point.

5. African Rain

A mass desalinization project converts a significant part of North Africa to fertile land and forests. This project will greatly assist all other projects.

6. The Babylon project

The Middle East version of African Rain.

7. Sienna’s Forrest’s

This special project is fuelled by Angel Pop, as the 30,000 odd property developments need to buy big chunks of forest to balance 100:1 any carbon footprint they create.

The objective is to buy most of the worlds rainforests to be forever preserved, & in the short term create the environment for Rain Forrest to become a commodity to value to deforest.

Angel Theory

All theories, ideas, products, companies & trademarks found within Angel are the property and Intellectual property of Nick Raymond Ball

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