M-Systems 14. Angel Cities

Angel Theory pt1

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M-Systems 14. Angel Cities

By Nick Ray Ball 25th May 2016


M-Systems 14. S-World UCS Angel Cities 1, 2, 3, 4 and 5

Following the journey to S-World UCS Voyager in Chapter 1 and how we present it as a fun and understandable article which explains the act of measuring, and the sum over histories principles from quantum mechanics; I am inspired to write about the future weigh stations mentioned.

I can see 5 different future S-Worlds at 4, 8, 16, 32 and 62 years ahead. At first these will be manned by small teams, then big, then huge teams.

We will start with a top-down approach in Angel City 5, 4 and 3. Given the success of the network at creating a large, fun, and popular resort development as presented in The Theory of Every business in 2012; we would create such developments for our Angel Cities.

The idea since the beginning for these weigh stations was for the people who lived and worked in them really are living in the future. If say we put the anomaly of where we start the clock for these simulations at 7pm GMT on November, the 24th 2016 (which would be Sienna’s 6th birthday). Then everyone that lives in Angel City 5 is in a place where time was static and only history changed.

In Angel City 5 there would be night and day, but the date is always November 24th 2080. For Angel City 4, the date would always be 2048 and for Angel City 3 the date would be 2032. And the people in the cities’ time would count in days, months and years, backwards to our current date.

As is the best plan for trying to create top-down histories of S-World, from the paradise of Angel City 5 through the other Angel Cities and present business in our time with options; from the location of S-World resorts network to the creation of super projects.

It will be quite some party when the population in the Angel Cities reach the point when they stop counting time backwards and start moving forwards. And we need to be careful so our residents don’t go bat flap crazy because of the process. As it is not out of the question for a child to be born in an Angel City and never have left. Indeed, there would be motivating factors in place to encourage residents to stay in the future cities most of the time.

For instance, for every successful history that gets created from a path presented by a future Angel city, a portion of the income made from the deal and all future deals that result from the creation of the history will be put in trust. The Angel City resident who created the history to be reclaimed when time has caught up. At this time all residents would likely be millionaires (in Planck cubits (similar to USD now but does not inflate)) and some will have racked up billions.

And the idea is, to give Angel City residents a credit for how every much has been saved divided by a percentage based on how long the resident has spent in Angel City and not out of it. At 90% to 100% a resident will receive the full amount. From 80% to 90% maybe they will receive 50%, and lower stays see lower occupancy will see less still.

As for living in an Angel City, well that’s going to be a lot of fun and one will be full of clever and or motivated people. I am designing the city to be so diverse that it really is all one needs. Built no doubt on a beachfront with all the American Butterfly trimmings, solar powered, with desalination plants if necessary. So, if built on a patch of desert on the sea, in time the whole area which could easily be 100 square miles, after a few years, the desert will become lush forest areas as a part of the original Chaos Theory project ‘African Rain.’


And a note that Chapter 8 of The Theory of Every Business does discuss the nature of the S-World UCS game play, this is extended in the part 2 ‘Spiritually Inspired Software.’

Getting back to our Angel Cities, I am designing them in a way that maybe in a different life I would like to live in, and not leave. Media departments will see the vision of what we want to achieve and make news programs. So, the main news is about what’s going on in the city, what histories have been made, and fictitious news real or how the world can be in our favourite set of histories.

As that’s is how we want our residents to live, in as best as can be simulated…a fixed point in time. Everyone needs to believe that the histories they are creating can and will be created.

Of course as a possible constructed history becomes in practice in real time, for instance a big point is when we will discover fusion. So, we have limitless energy and really create Mission Gliese,’ the ultimate special project and the reason for the name S-Word UCS (Universal Colonization Simulator).

Certainly the Angel 4 and Angel 5 cities could see fusion happen and then a universal ark built within their lifetimes. And it would be good training for the adventure, if one was used to living inside an Angel City, for the journey into the stars that will take many years, and even many generations.

But aside from the big projects many paths will become entangled and only realised when the time is right. And there may be many different people who could end up owning different parts of different histories. And as each history becomes real, or a history inspires an action, such as a business lunch between two potential partners who agreed to sign a deal on a contract for a venture that is months or years in the future.

The histories will be very changeable in Angel City 1, which is going to be a very energetic city indeed, with histories being created from Angel City’s 2, 3, 4, & 5. And in addition histories being changed by the players of S-World UCS Voyager 1, it will be controlled chaos. And when after about 4 years we predict the process of inflation will occur it’s going to be pretty crazy in Angel City 2. Which will likely be joined by most of the population of Angel City 1, working in tandem City 1 and 2 both working from 8 years after the start of Quantum Time.

All the cities are going to work in a big way, this is in the creation of the many resort developments across the world. In these that most special projects will be organized, and so their creation is the most important point for Angel Cities 3, 4 & 5.

Angel City 5 – 2080

By Nick Ray Ball 30th May 2016

In Angel City 5, I’m afraid to say, we have not created fusion yet. I’m sure it’s very possible and even probable but we can’t have anything we can’t be sure about. It’s a great shame because it’s really limited our grand plan for S-World UCS the American Butterfly special project Mission Gliese.

However, other than not creating fusion, Angel City 5 is a real great place to live. There has not been a war since Angel City 4, 32 years ago. And life on earth for all its inhabitants is just as we would have wanted it to be.

Whilst it is and always will be a corny line, ‘with great power comes great responsibility’ I can tell you now, at this time, I am not worried. But I do have a concern, and that is overpopulation. On our side is the general fact that the more prosperous a family is and the better educated, the less children they have. And I did see a relatively encouraging program a few years ago that gave reason to think the expansion that we have known in the last 50 years or so, will not snowball…it has no Susskind Boost. It is just a little piece of inflation that will be extinguished due to market forces and the availability of resources.

However, I still feel obligated and indeed called by Sienna to make sure I don’t unleash an economic monster that does nothing but make 7.3 billion people rich and create another 7.3 billion who are poor, and worse off than the poor of today, if that could be possible.