Angel Theory’s M-Systems

A Love Story & Theory of Everything

angel city - an economic theory of everything (E-TOE)

By Nick Ray Ball 24th November 2017


Chapter 1.
S-World’s M-Systems – Part 1

Inspired by Sienna Skye

sienna skye

Part 1

In 4,951Words

Version 6.75h

Welcome to S-World’s M-Systems

‘An Economic, Philanthropic, and Ecological Theory of Everything’

Originally labelled ‘The S-World PQS’ (Predictive Quantum Software), below we see the 2016 S-World M-Systems design, where each system flows into the next, increasing in power each step of the way, until it completes the circuit and returns to M-System 1, where after the rodeo starts again, but each time with greater input creating a circular event and an economic, philanthropic, and ecological theory of everything.’

s-world m-systems - an economic theory of everything (E-TOE)

M-Systems can be considered an Economic Operating System, and with it we wish to change the world. Not in small way, but instead in the biggest way per Isaac Asimov’s prescription:

“You may not predict what an individual may do, but you can put in motion things that will move the masses in a direction that is desired, thus shaping if not predicting the future.”

pop origins - isaac asimov - an economic theory of everything

M-Systems Historical Introduction

The original idea in February 2011 was that, in the future, one or a few networks might administer most of world trade, and these networks would become a new digital global economy.

This is the plan for one such network.

m theory projects - an economic theory of everything

In this, the opening chapter, we present what have come to be known as the ‘M-Systems,’ rooted in M-Theory ‘The Theory of Everything’ which is presented in detail in Chapter 2 ‘An Economic Theory of Everything.’

This chapter provides a brief look at all systems and focuses on the good that can be accomplished. As since the beginning in 2011, the idea for S-World was that it would be a foundation. But instead of taking donations, S-World would become a network of millions of mostly small businesses which after reaching a point of success, would share their profits; which would be used for Special Projects of ecological, philanthropic, scientific, and social gain.

The foundation would be called ‘The Sienna Foundation’ and would be abbreviated as ‘S-World.’ It has been my (Nick Ray Ball’s) mission, since the first 2011 Eureka moment, to make it a reality.

the sienna foundation - the economic theory of everything

Please consider the repercussions of S-World being fully successful, it would become the global economy; which would be a good thing as the POP and E-TOE principles described in Chapter 2 would see between 5% and 10% (maybe more) of global GDP earmarked for Special Projects, which would create over 10 times the current amount of charitable spending each year. And more as we adopt a ‘teach a man to fish’ approach to charity, each year’s spending would be solving problems not putting plasters on them. And we carry on doggedly until there are no problems left to solve.

Below, we see the E-TOE systems architecture. Pretty cool stuff.

E-TOE - economic theory of everything

The staging ground for this great change is M-System 14 ‘Angel Cities’ and its flagship: ‘Angel City 5,’ are presented later in this chapter.

angel cities - the economic theory of everything

For now, consider Angel City 5 simply as the time ‘2080’ and that our mission is to shape a desired future for our children and children’s children.

The Sienna Foundation (S-World) & Give Half Back (March 2011)

S-World ‘GIVE HALF BACK’ was the original ‘spiritually inspired’ philanthropic idea first described on in 2011. The key idea here is like the movie ‘Pay it Forward,’ but on a massive scale; a giant network that would make huge profit, but half would be used to do great things.

s-world - give half back

American Butterfly (2012 – 2013) is a series of 4 books on creating economic butterfly (ripple) effects. Entangling a design for a global network of all business with an ‘economic theory of everything,’ a virtual network, the game S-World UCS, and related ideas based on quantum and string theory.

american butterfly

Einstein’s Dream – The Theory of Everything (TOE)

After proposing ‘Special Relativity,’ ‘E = MC2’ and ‘General Relativity,’ Einstein spent the rest of his life seeking a Theory of Everything. Thirteen years after Einstein’s passing, a new TOE framework started to emerge called String Theory, which in 1994 would turn into M-Theory.

albert einsteins search

An Introduction to M-Theory by Stephen Hawking (2016)

“Ever since Newton and especially since Einstein, the goal of physics has been to find a unified Theory of Everything. M-Theory is the only candidate for a complete theory of the universe. M-Theory is the unified theory Einstein was hoping to find.” By Professor Hawking (paraphrased)

professor stephen hawking - the economic theory of everything

M-System 0 – The GGW String (Greene/Green/Witten) (2016)

Considers the most fundamental properties of String and M-Theory; the strings themselves and that a good simulation in economics is for strings to be equivalent to the money earned in a digital economy, and the different ways we spend the money are the different shapes of the strings.

the ggw string

M-System 1 – The S-World Network – Human Nature (2000 – 2017)

If given the same or ‘better systems,’ in comparison to a large business with many unincentivized staff, a network of many S-World small businesses made up mostly of equity or profit share personnel will win great chunks of the market, its human nature for S-World to succeed.

big companies VS small companies

Chapter 1b – M-System 1

Next we visit M-System 1, which is a summary of a meticulously detailed book called ‘The Villa Secrets’ Secret,’ which contains many software designs collectively called ‘The S-World TBS™’

(Total Business Systems.) Alongside the design for a international real estate and vacation rentals network, marketing and service framework.

Seen at: &

the villa secrets network - an economic theory of everything

M-System 1 – The S-World Villa Secrets Network (2002-2017)

Told in great detail within the book ‘The Villa Secrets’ Secret’ found at, a global travel and real estate network design, featuring future generation software and systems that will enable many individuals to realize their potential, compete with and beat big companies.

the villa secrets secret

M-System 1 – The S-Web CMS Framework (2002 – 2017)

The S-Web CMS offers a new way of creating beautifully complex mobile and desktop websites simply and at a pace 10 times that of WordPress or any other competitor.

the s-web cms framework

M-System 1 – The S-Web CMS CDS™ ‘Content Delivery System’ (2017)

An entirely unique system. Watch this three-minute video to see how agents and clients can turn their ‘favourites list’ into unique webpages, and watch this video to see us create a magazine article in less than a minute.

s-web cds - content delivery system

M-System 1 – The S-World CRM Basic (2017)

The basic philosophy behind the S-World ‘Villa Secrets’ CRM is that it is superior because it has been created for one specific industry niche. Ask any major CRM developer, “If you were to create a product for one niche not thousands, would it be better?”

Of course they must say yes.

m-system s-world

M-System 1 – The CRM-Ai (The Disruptive CRM) (2017)

Initially created to make one person perform the job of two, in half the time, with twice the efficiency. Next, we seek to create an Ai customer and shopping experience superior to one delivered by a top ‘human’ agent, which cannot be distinguished from a human.

the crm - ai

M-System 1 & 12. S-World UCS. Business Simulation & Tutorial Game.

As far back as 2003 (based on our virtual world product), was the idea to create a management game based on the business. To both teach our personnel our systems and the business in general, and to seek new franchises. In 2003, we called it ‘Villa Mogul.’ In 2012, we renamed it S-World UCS.

It will be the first real business with a popular gaming environment.

from villa mogul to s-world ucs

M-System 1 & 12. S-World UCS-CC™ ‘Company Controller’ (2017)

Creates a task lists for all non-equity personnel, tasks which are planned for maximum company gain. Then gives a point’s score to each task, which turns work into a game; as each day is a new opportunity to win and gain a significant end of year profit share bonus.

s-world ucs - the theory of everything

M-System 1. The TFS™ ‘Total Financial System’ (2011 – 2017)

Since 2011 the primary objective of S-World Villa Secrets, in terms of systems, has been to create a simple but all-encompassing financial system as a part of the core software design.

the tfs - total financial system

M-System 1. The TBS™ ‘Total Business System’ (2011 – 2017)

A collection of all web and software systems under one roof; so far creating 81 points that either make money, save money, or avoid land mines; compressed into 20 completely unique systems, leading to gains not in tens of percent but hundreds; and when added to the other M-Systems, we could see gains in the order of thousands of percent.

the total business systems

M-System 1 & 8. S-World Films and The Famous Concierge

One of the most original and effective ripple effects will be to combine the S-World Films division in a primary network such as Cape Town, Saint Tropez & LA (or in fact many hundreds of locations) with a S-World concierge team, so making ‘The Famous Concierge.’

s-world famous concierge

The Famous Concierge

The journey to ‘the famous concierge,’ began with a question that has perplexed most service orientated travel companies. ‘What do we do with our concierge staff in the low season’ (that can be half a year). Our answer is to create the concierge department out of people from the film industry (which makes sense as they are generally very charismatic). Then when one is not working on concierge duties one works on filming.

There is a lot to film, every luxury villa and many hotels individually, collated collectively as produced as a broadcast quality TV series, a reality show of the team themselves, plus pilots and ideas for commensal productions sent to S-World Film head office, and casting for the, films and series that S-World Films head office are making.

s-world film & concierge

Due to the filming and the opportunities it affords, there is suitable incentive for persons from the film industry to join the team. And the senior directors will be locally famous, and because they are they know where the best events are, can get clients VIP tickets & guest list placings and exclusive invites to villa and yacht parties and soiree’s. Alongside knowing the best hikes and mountains to climb and other fitness based local highlights. And importantly they are the only people who can generally get a table in a full restaurant for clients. An offer that all concierge companies make, but few can actually deliver, even the big ones.

Then because we have the famous concierge, we can attach it to all other S-World accommodations or travel arrangements and create new S-World companies such as S-World Flies, S-World Hotels & S-World Travel. In each case given we can match the price of competitors, many will chose S-World companies because of the service, events and panache delivered by ‘the famous concierge.’

Chapter 1c – M-Systems 2 to 11.

Having quickly explored M-System 1, and Villa Secrets Ltd UK, we follow with a quick flyby of M-Systems 2 to 12, each of which will be fully explored later in this book.

Before we do here is another view of the 2016 M-Systems architecture & design:

s-world m-systems - An Economic Theory of Everything

M-System 2 – Ripple Effects & Elephants (2012-2017)

Considers ripple & butterfly effects that can be created from S-World as special projects. The first is underway, a not for profit version of the Villa Secrets systems for the safari industry, which can generate game changing capital for the ongoing protection of Elephants, Rhinos, and Cheetahs.

experience africa (not for profit)

M-System 3 – The Susskind Boost (2016 – 2017)

Considers Professor Leonard Susskind’s boosting of strings as an unrelenting march forward, and simulates this in business via the TBS™ (Total Business Systems), which at last count contained 81 significant and 20 unique and beneficial ways to boost the profit of all S-World businesses.

the susskind boost - the theory of everything

M-System 4 – The Peet Tent & Quantum Safe Forecasting (2012 – 2017)

From American Butterfly Book 3 ‘The Network on a String,’ The Peet Tent is a shape of the S-World string that protects companies from failure within the network. QSF or ‘Quantum Safe Forecasting’ borrows from the Heisenberg uncertainty principle, making safer forecasts.

the peet tent & quantum safe forecasting - the theory of everything

M-System 5 – The POP, Point of Profitability – POP Cubes (2011)

Initially a consideration of the chaos theory conundrum of rounding errors. If we create a point of profitability (where after all profit overflows into creating a new company or network), then by working in multiples of 8, we create predictable cubes of profit that have no errors to round.

pop cubes - an economic theory of everything

M-System 5b – POP, The Pressure of Profit – The POP Train (2011)

What turned a mathematical curiosity into the mathematics that underpinned M-Systems and the E-TOE was revealed when making a graphic; as when investing in a POP train, given some initial momentum, the network snowballs and grows exponentially. Hence POP ‘The Pressure of Profit.’

pop train - an economic theory of everything

M-System 6 – The Theory of Every Business (TTOEB) (2011 – 2017)

How can one change a real estate and travel network into a network of all businesses?
Grow the network and create large resort developments; but add a rule that all suppliers, builders, retail, and businesses that build or work within the development must join the network.

the theory of every business

M-System 7 – S-World VSN (Virtual Social Network)

S-World is a shortening of ‘Sienna’s World,’ a virtual world (and simulated universe) that mirrors our own world where users can jump to friends’ locations and see everything they see. It becomes a significant tool for creating travel applications, building and selling resort developments, and selling real estate.

s-world vsn

M-System 7 – S-World VBN Virtual Business Networks (2000 – 2017)

The flipside of S-World VSN is S-World VBN; which is built in tandem with S-World VSN but with the job of connecting every shop and business and other database on the planet, and with every shop on earth featured within S-World VSN, the sky’s the limit.

s-world vbn

M-System 8 – S-World Films (2011 – 2017)

A Theory of Everything movie framework that focuses on two parallel worlds; a heavenly Earth per Angel Theory design in 2080, and a hellish dystopia without. Using future technology, adventurers send an idea back in time to create S-World UCS, and then must find their way to Angel City 5.

s-world films - angel city

M-System 9 – POP Part 2: Super Coupling (2016 – 2017)

A less rigid variation of the POP investment principle. Did you know that if a single company can from its 3rd year onward create 2 new companies per year, and each company it created followed suit; then the network of companies created would engulf the global economy by 2080?

pop part2 super coupling - an economic theory of everything

M-System 10 – The RES Equation – Revenue, Efficiency, Spin (2012 – 2016)

A powerful but simple economic equation that can only be fully effective within a digital economy. Take the initial income of a network (R), measure a company not from its profit alone but also the profit made from its expenses (E), optimize E, and Spin (increase the speed of all spending).

the res equation

M-System 10 – The RES Equation – Financial Equivalence (2017)

Later, we will talk of S-World UCS MARS Resort 1. Fact or fiction remains to be seen, but on Mars we can implement the RES equation with a 100% Efficiency, which is to say every cent spent is accounted for; where after we cut tax and spin creating a supercharged economy unimaginable on earth. We call this ‘Financial Equivalence.’ Our inspiration: ‘the law of conservation of energy.’

res equation - financial equivalence

M-System 11 – QuESC (The Quantum Economic System Core) (2012 – 2016)

The heart of the M-System’s design is founded on the notion by Hawking that ‘People are like Atoms,’ QuESC entangles us ‘the people’ with powerful predictive and logistic software within a circular butterfly effect, continually experimenting and improving upon all S-World systems.

quesc - an economic theory of everything

M-System 12a – S-World UCS & Villa Mogul (2003 – 2012)

Originally imagined in 2003 as ‘Villa Mogul,’ the idea to create a management simulation game like Railway Tycoon. The ‘hook’ being that the game was based on a real business. By September 2012, it had developed into ‘TTOEB’ Chapter 8: S-World UCS – Universal Colonization Simulator.

from villa mogul to s-world ucs - an economic theory of everything

M-System 12b – S-World UCS (September 2012 to 2017) (Connects all systems)

S-World UCS is a design for an MMO game that shows how to make a business and economic empire so rich, one could invest in super projects such as ‘African Rain’ or ‘Universal Colonization.’ The game teaches, simulates, and shines a light on the S-World Network’s future ambitions.

s-world ucs - economic theory of everything (E-TOE)

Chapter 1d – M-Systems 13 & 14.

The S-World UCS Quantum Systems

Now we arrive at arguably the main event, the S-World UCS quantum systems that create first an economic time machine, and then logistical anchors into the future, from which, we desire to shape the world in a direction that is desired, via simulation and then implementation. To create a better future for our children and children’s children.

s-world-Economic Theory of Everything (E-TOE)

In the now familiar system design below, we can at the bottom of the graphic see the quantum systems flying out of M-System 12. S-World UCS, scooping up Angel POP and the Angelverses on the way, delivering them full circle back to M-System 1. And as before, the rodeo starts again, but this time with greater momentum.

s-world-m-systems-Economic Theory of Everything (E-TOE)

M-System 13 – Eureka!!! – S-World UCS Voyagers (September 2012)

The Eureka Moment arrived courtesy of Garrett Lisi’s ‘A Theory of Everything.’ In which Lisi presents his quantum coral analogy where “each individual was in many other locations experiencing them as separate individuals,” and the quantum mechanics mantra:

“Everything That Can Happen Does.”

This revelation arrived in the middle of writing the final American Butterfly ‘Theory of Every Business’ chapter ‘S-World UCS,’ soon after writing the S-World Virtual & Business Network chapter, in which the game sat within the virtual framework and had become entangled and indistinguishable from the conceptualised business network.

ucs voyagers

This consideration becoming the tipping point where a simulated game and business software became a form of economic time travel.

The consideration was that we would create a copy of the S-World UCS Network called ‘UCS Voyager’ and send it forwards in time at a speed twice our own. So that in 6 months of our time, the simulation would be a year ahead. And within, business owners, managers, staff, and gamers alike could conduct their own business simulations. Then from all the possible outcomes choose which actions from the simulations to follow back in real time.

Businesses follow the wins, avoid the losses, and replay opportunities that showed potential in Voyagers 2, 3, 4…

quantum time - economic theory of everything

What if you could look to the future and see millions of eventualities?

What if you could use this information to assist you today?

Welcome to S-World UCS

Welcome to your future

M-System 14 – Eureka2 – S-World UCS Angel Cities (2012 – 2017)

angel cities - economic theory of everything

Angel Cities are 5 future simulations of the network from 2020 to 2080; first created as logistical support for UCS Voyagers, but have since become the key ingredient, subject of the movie framework, and the ‘why’ behind the entire project. In terms of M-theory and its component quantum mechanics, we respect Professor Richard Feynman’s alternative histories (sum over histories), which tells us that no unobserved system has a definite past or future.

“Quantum physics tells us that no matter how thorough our observations of the present, the (unobserved) past, like the future, is indefinite and exists only as a spectrum of possibilities.”

From ‘The Grand Design’ by Professors Stephen Hawking & Leonard Mlodinow

angel city - economic theory of everything

Shaping the Future

Set in the years 2048 and 2080, Angel Cities 4 and 5 are the nerve centre for the S-World network’s long-term ambitions, described as a set of ‘super projects.’ In this simulation, we work within the M-Systems framework to plan the best earth we can logistically create. And once the blueprint is set, we create paths back through Angel Cities 3, 2 and 1 so that each company, development, wonder, and ‘special project’ that we wish to exist in 2048 and later 2080 has a definite history back from the future to our time.

By planning our future in intricate detail and working in waves of probability, ripple & butterfly effects back through the future Angel Cities, we can control our destiny.

M-System 14 – Angel City 5 (2080)

angel cities - angel city

Angel City 5 is the last of the founding S-World Angel Cities set in 2080. Above, we see my darling daughter Sienna as herself and as an angel guiding us towards a better future, in keeping with the S-World mantra by professor Isaac Asimov…

pop origins - issac asimov - an economic theory of everything (E-TOE)

“You may not predict what an individual may do, but you can put in motion things that will move the masses in a direction that is desired, thus shaping if not predicting the future.”

angel cities - an economic theory of everything (E-TOE)

This future <> past relationship is in a constant superflux; but one thing is constant, our ambition, the set of ‘super projects’ that are to be achieved. In Game Theory and military strategy, they call it ‘Commander’s Intent’ (but instead of ‘take that hill, its ‘make them projects’), as commanders know that the best laid plans can quickly fall apart in battle. We must allow for every eventuality when creating the strings that lead to the creation of our ‘super projects.’

However, once enough strings and ripples have congregated, it gets easier. For example, the first of the 16 Super Projects: ‘Experience Africa’ is underway and has become entangled as Angel City 1.

Chapter 1e – Angel Theory Special Projects

An Ecological Theory of Everything

A Ecological and Philanthropic Theory of Everything… plus Space.

In the following presentation we find 16 special projects; half of which are ecological, all of which matter. This is not a definitive list, rather it is the beginning of a larger conversation.

Special Project 1. Angel City 1 ‘Experience Africa’ (2020)

s-project - experience africa

Special Project 1. Experience Africa is already underway, as the 20 unique and beneficial systems of Villa Secrets are set to create superior systems for the safari industry and thousands of related businesses; which by 2020 has the potential to provide game changing funding for the protection of Elephants, Rhinos, Cheetahs, and other endangered animals.

Continuing, we find 16 more special projects; half of which are ecological, all of which matter. This is not a definitive list, more like the beginning of a larger conversation.

Special Project 2. The Ecological Economy

The second of 8 ecological special projects, The Ecological Economy goes back to the very beginning and the movie treatment ‘The Sienna Project,’ in which Sienna shows her father EEE (The Ecological Experience Economy). It is what it says, this economy will protect the planet!

the ecological economy

Special Project 3. Advancing Human Potential

One purpose of the software and systems: S-World VSN, S-World VBN, & S-World UCS is to advance human potential by giving everyone the systems to compete with the big guys, and then see them all flourish as equity holders in the new S-World network economy.

advancing human potential

Special Project 4. Cities of Science

Another early ambition now turned special project, Super-grand-networks (large city sized resort developments) dedicated to scientific exploration. Plus, in general, funding for science.

cities of science

Special Project 5. Equality & The Poverty Gap

This system is very old and now very advanced. It is all of M-System 6. ‘The Theory of Every Business,’ ‘M-System 15. Angel POP,’ and it is Einstein’s theory of general relativity within the E-TOE (Economic Theory of Everything).

equality & the poverty gap - the theory of everything

Special Project 6. Sienna’s Forests

Initially made for grand networks, which would need to buy rainforests to be forever preserved, or create new forests so their ecological footprint balances. Now, also a general principle to commoditise rainforest so they are too expensive to log.

siennas forests

Special Project 7. Global Cooling

Supporting Tesla and others and creating massive solar projects. Within grand networks, each property is sold with a budget (usually 6.25% of the cost of the home) for an electronic car. Only electronic cars or select top end sports and prestige cars can drive in grand networks.

global cooling

Special Project 8. Universal Knowledge

Each grand network development has a university that teaches subjects that lead to skills needed to get a good S-World job. Plus, S-World VSN and UCS provide open university courses.

universal knowledge

Special Project 9. Spartan Contracts

Nongraduate opportunities. Give us 16 years work and you will own your own home. Take gap years, construction workers can follow the sun and move from grand network to network and see the world. Nurses can do the same with the opportunity to train as doctors.

spartan contracts

Special Project 10. Global Healthcare

Each grand network development is built around an ‘SURH,’ a Super University Resort Hospital; a 5 to 7-star experience with extremely expensive ‘Medi-Villas’ attached. The objective of the network is to create networks evenly around the world, so everyone is near one SURH or another.

global healthcare

Special Project 10b. Limiting Antibiotics

This special project seeks solutions to the problem of the overuse of Antibiotics. This problem is very misunderstood, but simple enough to summarise. If we carry on as we are, there will only be resistant bacteria left and we’re all going to die! We can start by stopping it and not putting it on crops.

limiting antibiotics

Special Project 11. African Rain

A mass solar desalinization project for North and East Africa, the Middle East, USA, and other locations. Creating super grand networks (Over 100 sq. miles) in desert locations by adding water.

african rain

Special Project 12. Their Oceans

An apocalyptic problem for the Ocean’s population are the plastic bags, packaging, & straws that are thrown away. Every single day, over 500 million straws are thrown away in the USA alone. There are perfectly good paper straws that would do for a cost of only a tenth of a cent more.

their oceans

Special Project 13. Middle Earth

This is a very cool project that has commercial applications, building underground resort developments (in particular) in location of poor weather. This expensive and very long-term project saves our asses in all sorts of ELE (Extinction Level Event) scenarios.

middle earth

Special Project 14. The Population Point

This, the hardest of all special projects to apply without affecting free will, has a radical solution made possible by the E-TOE. Most 1st world economic countries’ population is static, we must replicate the economics across the globe (see Angel POP & the E-TOE).

the population point

Special Project 15. The Spartan Theory

The Spartan Theory is whatever will bring peace; from dictators stepping down from politics to live and have a small say over the new super-grand-networks in their country, to all countries pitching in to the fight against poaching and fighting side by side against a common enemy.

the spartan theory

Special Project 16. Universal Colonization

This is the ultimate achievement in the S-World UCS game. The ultimate special project, flying ourselves to the stars in a fleet of ships, speeding our complexity (our essence) across the galaxy, ensuring our survival come what may.

s-world ucs - an economic theory of everything

This special project has been made much more achievable due to Elon Musk’s ambitions to create a transport system to MARS. If Musk wishes to provide the transportation, then S-World wishes to become the developers, the O2 and H2O suppliers, and the leaders in MARS industries; as we export the theory of every business to MARS Resort 1, a 10,000 square KM stellar-grand-network.

mars resort1


Going back a few years, while researching branding for my pitch to VIRGIN back in 2008 and 2009, I took my Cape Villas team (from management to domestics) to ‘Enlighten’ branding lectures and boot camps.

From the lectures, the clip I remember most was of a janitor sweeping the floor; who when asked ‘what are you doing?’ looked curiously and said simply, ‘I’m sweeping the floor.’

This was followed by a clip of a NASA janitor, also sweeping the floor; who when asked the same question replied proudly: ‘I’m helping put a man on the moon!’

Space did that, and whilst space has not been in vogue for a while now, thanks to Virgin Galactic & Elon Musk’s SpaceX’ providing a very credible initiative to get to space and Mars on mass, there is new interest. And this mission can be a great unifier of nations and rallier of teams once again, as all who work with and for S-World can proudly say about their day’s efforts:

‘We are helping build a colony on Mars.’

s-world grand networks - an economic theory of everything

s-world ucs - mars resort

special project - mars resort

res equation - financial equivalence - an economic theory of everything

special project - mars resort - the theory of everything