Prequel: M-Systems and the GGW-String. (Super Summary)

Prequel: M-Systems and the GGW-String.

Physics Influencers: Brian GreenMichael GreeneEdward Witten & Others
# String Theory / M Theory / Networking / Economics / Fund Raising / Business / Philanthropy


String Theory is a discipline of particle physics, it is the idea that all the particles and forces in nature are created by the different vibrations of tiny strings. Like the pitch and harmonics of a violin can change by different threat positions. However, the strings of string theory can also adopt many different shapes, for instance one shape may be a square, another a triangle, but mostly they are represented as circular (a closed string) or as a wiggly line (an open string)

In string theory one such shape creates gravity, and another would create a photon (a particle of light). In M-Systems, the GGW string changes its shape to achieve different objectives.

The GGW String is S-World which energized by every company in the S-World network, contributing financially to it, the current ‘Villa Secrets’ model sees 25% of the gross profit of each company destined to the non-profit S-World, which is to being created as part of The Sienna Foundation. This company is the GGW String and how it spends the money can be considered as different shapes of a string.

For instance, M-System 3 ‘The Susskind Boost’ sees all the money a company contributes being spent of boosting the company’s individual profitability, where as in M-System 4 ‘The Peet Tent,’ sees a different spending pattern (shape) that boosts the profitability of weaker strings.

However main purpose of the GGW-String is to generate as much revenue for special projects as possible. This said often and especially in the early years the years, the best way to achieve long term objectives is to make the network as profitable as possible in the first instance.

In general since the begging of this project back in 2011 this gathering of money and the clever spending of same for philanthropic, ecological, conservation, scientific and social benefit has been the ultimate objective of the network, originally described simply as ‘Give half Back,’ in part influenced at the time by the progressive charity idea behind The Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation.