S-World, the Villa Secrets Web Framework & The TFBMS (Super Summary)

System 1. S-World, the Villa Secrets Web Framework & The TFBMS

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# Web Framework / Global Network / Financial, Business & Marketing Software


The S-World Network has created a prototype web framework seen at Villa Secrets.com, detailed on Network.VillaSecrets.com. This web framework can be described as ‘WordPress for Dummies,’ as it takes complex WordPress pages that take specialists a few hours to make like this, improves upon them and creates a CMS (content management system) that allows the improved version of the page like this to be created in a tenth of the time by a non-specialist.

The entire Villa secrets website is created as a series of CMS, so that out the box, a new user can build a great looking website with excellent mobile responsive design in no time at all. In 2017 we have enough internal funding to create about 150 such web temples, where after we can increase output by a factor of 10 year on year. (See videos CMS & Business Development.)

The CMS is designed to work in tandem with powerful software that we call the TFBMS (Total Financial, Business & marketing System) seen here in marketing and here in financial and business. This software greatly increases efficiency in each company and creates a system that can also deal with creation and management of many companies. Add the web framework to the system and we have a product like no other. When one further adds database connectivity to many, most or even all property and travel databases, we have a disruptive product.

To run in tandem with Villa Secrets we are staring on the first ‘special project’ called Experience Africa, in which we intend to adapt the system for individual safaris to use, but in this case the GGW-String has only one shape, that fight against ivory poaching. There is a gap in the market for such a product and if by 2020 we can become the industry leader, Experience Africa will create more income for the fight against poaching as is generated by all other sources.

We shall in time create a dedicated version of the web framework, the TFBMS and database connectively in each Industry and create applications of same in education and social networking. For instance, an application for Facebook business pages to use the system.