QuESC – The Quantum Economic System Core (Super Summary)

System 11a. QuESC 2012 – The Quantum Economic System Core pt.1

Chaos Theory /Quantum Mechanics / String Theory / Software / Code / Network / Mass Player on line Games / Business / Economics / Education
Isaac Asimov – Edward Norton Lorenz – Benoit B Mandelbrot – Lee Chazen – Max Planck – Brian Cox – Garret Lisi – Brian GreenMichael Greene


QuESC ‘A mobilization and organization of our collective sentience’ was first described in 2012 in American Butterfly part 2 ‘Spiritually Inspired Software’ chapter 1: The Entangled Butterfly.

QuESC is a design for a ‘per human experience’ AI, which considered the collection of many S-World VSN, VBN & UCS users experiences as similar to quantum uncertainty…

“Atoms are a bit like people, they are very hard to predict with absolute certainty. They do roughly what you would expect of them, but never exactly.”

Professor Stephen Hawking: The Theory of Everything

QuESC put the human interactions within S-World inside a circular Butterfly Effect.

  1. Collective Thinking: Starting with the collective thinking of the S-World team (all people paid or incentivised directly by S-World) aided by the type of sophisticated software, systems and analytics described within M-Systems.
  2. Butterfly Creator: The collective minds of S-World create paths to our future world simulations Angel Cities 1 to 5 and back again. Creating credible threads and ripple effects that can be followed in our time and presented to business as opportunities…
  3. Butterfly Receiver: The new opportunities are received and acted upon by S-World members and companies, or are taken up by new members & companies.
  4. Free Thinking: S-World members and companies apply themselves to the opportunities and use their free will and other human qualities to generate a variety of outcomes.

Then the system repeats as the collective minds and systems of the S-World learn from the new ‘free will’ human experiences, adjust paths to the future simulations, improves the software and systems before creating a new set of opportunities maximized for ripple effects. Each time getting more efficient and bringing our planet close to Angel City 5’s heaven-on-earth landscape.
S-World is built upon circular events. What we are seeing above is how the S-World staff and systems work in tune with a mass online game ‘S-World UCS’ (Universal Colonization Simulator). The players of the online game represent the random or quantum factor ‘free will’, some choosing winning paths through the game that even a quantum computer could not create.

This free thinking is then processed by M-Systems and S-World staff, who develop this path in the real-world into a new opportunity. We call this ‘The Butterfly Creator’ which creates the real-world opportunity and either an existing network is strengthened or a new network is born and we call this event ‘The Butterfly Receiver’.
Where after then repeats indefinitely so creating a gigantic circular event at the heart of the system. And to a degree a system close to a genuine AI, as if it has as many users as Facebook, it would see the random indigence of 1, billion individuals, which is quite collective consciousness.