S-World UCS – Universal Colonization Simulator (Super Summary)

System 12. S-World UCS – Universal Colonization Simulator (SUM OVER Histories GAME)

Mass on Line Multiplayer Game / Film & Media / Simulated Universe / Supersymmetry / Browser Correcting Code / Business Development System / Software Systems Tutorial / Education System

Dr James Gates – Mark Zuckerberg – Lee Chazen – Will Wright


S-World UCS (1) (2) began in 2003 as ‘Villa Mogul’ which was the idea of adding a management game to my virtual product the Cape Villas Virtual Tour. ‘The hook then and now is the same, simply that the game would be based on a real business and playing the game well would lead to real world business opportunities for its uses. And the real-world businesses would be more popular due to the game and S-World.TV. A win, win, or as we say… a Circular event.

In 2011 the ‘The Tutorial Game’ became the first chapter in S-World.biz/Facebook Travel. The following year it become the concluding chapter of the book ‘The Theory of Every Business

S-World UCS is to become a mass online multiplayer game where one starts from humble beginnings, but can end up amassing so much wealth or prestige that one can join billionaire philanthropists and book a ticket on the first galactic colonization super-ark S-World Galactica. Or if space is not your thing, there are many other special projects and ways to save the world.

Like S-World.TV, S-World UCS economic gameplay will always be plausible. If we can’t make realistic probabilities of events happening in the real-world, or within our future simulations, then it will not be a part of the game. Unless the UCS gameplayers themselves have made such actions possible due to their own endeavours. Which is not at all unexpected as in comparison to our computing power, the ability of one person picking up the phone, making a meeting and winning a new contract cannot easily be re-enacted by probability software.

There will be many different types of gameplay within UCS, management sims, resources gathering, research trees, territory conquests, and we have already considered The SIMS and SIM City. But by using the VSN and VBN, S-World UCS can provide an environment for most games. For instance, one can play ‘Call of Duty’ in one’s own town. However, the main game is S-World UCS where one runs businesses, learns the systems, understands the game, interact with other users, and does business.

S-World UCS becomes the training platform and coordination/logistics hub for all new S-World company’s and developments. Playing UCS teaches people how to succeed in S-World commerce and philanthropy. It becomes the recruiting platform that never says no, but can suggest various UCS training simulations to play before testing again.