UCS Voyagers (Super Summary)

System 13. UCS Voyagers

Quantum Mechanics – Business Development / Mass on Line Multiplayer Game / Future Network Simulation / Economic Time Travel / Simulated Universes
Garret Lisi – Brian Cox


We have already seen S-World UCS Voyagers within QuESC… Now we see economic time travel

What if you could look to the future and see millions of eventualities

What if you could use this information to assist you today?

What if you could do this from your phone, TV, or laptop?

Welcome to S-World UCS

Welcome to your future.

Towards the end of writing the last Theory of Every Business chapter 8 S-World UCS, I took a moment to watch a lecture on The Theory of Everything by Physicist Garret Lisi. I was inspired by Garrett’s analogy of coral pulps creating identical copies of themselves wherein “each individual was in many other locations, experiencing them as separate individuals.”

In that moment, I had the idea for UCS Voyagers, in which we create copies of our Virtual Network and send them forward in time, at a pace of twice our speed. So, a year in our time is two years for UCS Voyager 1. Giving S-World businesses the opportunity to virtually conduct business in the future, with the options to follow or not follow the timeline back in real-time/life.

The quantum mechanics mantra is ‘whatever can happen, will happen.’ And in respect of that each individual UCS gameplayer is in effect an identical copy of the same business experienced by another individual.

Not long after this ‘Eureka’ moment I heard President Obama’s science advisor Dr James Gates, (as pictured in S-World UCS) had found error blocking code in supersymmetry which lead to the desire to create S-World UCS and Virtual Networks within the framework of our universe, not just out planet. This single event may well have been the first step… the first ripple effect towards the consideration of M-Theory as an economic system?