Angel Cities (Super Summary)

System 14. Angel Cities

Influencers: Garret Lisi – Stephen Hawking – Leonard Mlodinow – Richard FeynmanEdward Witten
# Quantum Mechanics / Alternative Histories / Logistics / Resort Developments / Urban Planning / Simulated Universes / Special Projects / Conservation / Ecology / Philanthropy / Science & Technology / The Population Point / The Spartan Theory


Angel Cities [1] [2] were at first logistical support for UCS Voyagers, but have since become very important. In terms of M-Theory and its component quantum mechanics, we respect Richards Feynman’s alternative histories which tells us that no unobserved system has a definite past or future. Angel Cities are 5 future simulations of the network from 2020 to 2080

In 2080 Angel City 5 is the nerve centre for the S-World networks long term ambitions. In this City, we plan the best earth we can logistically create. And once the blueprint is set we create paths back through Angel Cities 4, 3, 2 and 1 so that each company, development, wonder or ‘special project’ has a definite history back from 2080 to 2020 and Angle City 1 and our time.
Then we go up and down, the future Angel Cities changing to suit real-world developments. And in turn per QuESC method creating many new opportunities in a very flexible way, so that just one of a great many different histories creates the desired future result.

Each City works as a part of the team but also has a significant individual task…

Angel City 1 2020 – Complete Special Project 1. ‘Experience Africa’ and create grand networks
Angel City 2 2024 – Prepare for the effects of High String Coupling and a new dawn of economics.
Angel City 3 2032 – Is the land of ‘Angel POP’ where the mathematics of the limited availability of the network cube sees investment into less desirable networks. So, addressing philanthropic objectives such as equality, the poverty line, Third world education and healthcare, and giving all the citizens of earth the chance to reach their potential
Angel City 4 2048 – Prepares for ‘The Singularity,’ the point where it would seem to most that the future of businesses and economics is S-World & M-Systems.
Angel City 5 2080 – The creator of the special projects and our best tool for creating wonderful futures for our children and our children’s children.