Angel City 1 (2020)

System 14b. Angel City 1

Influencers: Paul Allen – Mark Zuckerberg – Sir Richard Branson – Joss Kent
# Special Projects / Conservation / Fight Poachers / Protect Elephants, Rhino, Cheetahs + / Ripple Effects / Philanthropy / Villa Secrets / Quantum Mechanics / Alternative Histories


Leaving the other responsibilities of Angel City 1, aside Angel City 1 is the home of the first S-World & Angel Theory special projects – Experience Africa

In the past 100 years, African elephant populations have been reduced by 97%. More than 50% of Africa’s remaining elephants could be killed in the next 10 years if illegal poaching continues at the current rate.

Experience Africa is an extension of Villa Secrets, as seen in M-System 1 and Experience Africa will use the Villa Secrets Web Framework to create hundreds of safari travel agency websites and individual websites for thousands of safaris.

As Villa Secrets develops its TFBMS AI (Total Financial, Business and Marketing System) and connects to all relevant travel databases, these systems will be available to all Experience Africa users. An adaptation of the Villa’s Cloud booking system will be created for Safaris and a marketing strategy in general will be developed to better market the idea of African safari experiences.

Unlike Villa Secrets companies who pay a royalty to S-Worlds GGW-String, for Safaris the only shape of the GGW-String is to protect endangered species. If we can attract half of the safaris to use our system by 2020, we will be creating more than $100,000,000 a year for the protection of the Elephants, Rhino’s, Cheetahs, and other endangered species.

There is room in the market for a superior safari booking system. But to build such a system before another company does and/or in time to make a difference soon, we are kindly asking for programmers/engineers, and branding from philanthropic investors such as Paul Allen the co-founder of Microsoft, Mark Zuckerberg the founder of Facebook, and asking for PR, Media and branding from Sir Richard Branson the founder of Virgin Group.