Angel City 5 (2080)

System 14. Angel City 5 (2080)


Angel City 5 [1] the last of the founding Angel Cities is set in 2080. Above we see my darling Sienna as herself and as an angel guiding us towards a better future, in keeping with the S-World mantra, by professor Isaac Asimov.

“You may not predict what an individual may do, but you can put in motion, things that will move the masses in a direction that is desired, thus shaping if not predicting the future.”

M-Systems has been created to achieve a more desired future and Angel City 5 its primary component.

‘If you could pick 16 desired concepts that you would like your children and grandchildren to experience, what would they be? Our current choices are…

Special Project 1. Experience Africa (protects endangered species and funds conservation)
Special Project 2. Give Half Back (The GGW-String shapes: ecological, scientific, philanthropic)
Special Project 3. Advancing Human Potential (S-World, TFBMS, UCS & Virtual Networks)
Special Project 4. Cities of Science (As seen within The Theory of Every Business parts 1 and 2)
Special Project 5. Angel POP (Ecology, equality, the poverty gap, global education & healthcare)
Special Project 6. Sienna’s Forests (Buy rainforests to be forever preserved, create new forests)
Special Project 7. Global Cooling (A Theory of Every Business Initiative)
Special Project 8. Universal Knowledge (Each grand network development has a university)
Special Project 9. Spartan Contracts (nongraduate opportunities – Advancing human potential)
Special Project 10. Global Healthcare (Each grand network development has a hospital)
Special Project 11. African Rain (A mass desalinization project for North and East Africa)
Special Project 12. The Babylon Project (A mass desalinization project for the Middle East)
Special Project 13. Middle Earth (Create underground habitats and arks in case of ELE’s)
Special Project 14. The Population Point (The hardest of all special projects).
Special Project 15. The Spartan Theory (An attempt to end the war and create peace on earth)
Special Project 16. Universal Colonization (Preparing for, or flying ourselves to the stars)