Angel City Locations

System 15. ‘POP 3’ – Angel POP in 8 Global Locations

Influencers: Stephen Hawking – Edward Witten – – Amanda Peet – Andrew Strominger – Cumrun Vafa
# Economics / Chaos Theory / The Butterfly Effect / General Relativity / Black Holes / Big Bang / String Theory / Global Network / Resort Developments / Urban Planning / The Poverty Gap / Universal Healthcare / Education / M-Theory


if one uses cubic financial dimensions, one needs to divide the world into 8. Above we see Angel POP in its original 8 locations, which were called ‘continental networks.’ In the summer of 2016 a version of the above was created that considered GDP. Which mostly kept the same shape. However, for all locations to be still be geographically adjacent to each other and to have about 12.5% of global GDP, I needed to add all of Africa, India, and the Middle East together as one continental network. Which did not feel right.

If Angel POP is the primary objective, the most important of the 16 Angel City 5 special projects, or any kind of model that equality scaled forwards, would be effectively making a model to keep the poorest countries the poorest. One thing is certain if one uses cubic financial dimensions, one needs to divide the world into 8.

Recently the decision was made to turn the 8 global locations on their head. The jury is still out whether to keep some resemblance of the original shape. For instance, one could go back to Africa being one continual network and drop in Japan and the UK, and move a handful or dozen or so Africa Countries into more affluent country.

Or weather the continental networks should just be 8 divisions of countries, without respect to geography, rather based on synergies, A&B String ripple effects and circular events. Plus consideration of trade laws between countries, so if a country wishes to sell in a particular country without trade tariffs, it would use its POP investment to create S-World companies to manufacture their goods in that country)

In such a model one could see the USA divided into 8, evenly distributed within the 8 global networks. For Angel POP this would be an improvement on the American Butterfly (2011-2013) as pictures above with the USA contained in 2 cubes, and but a few countries