‘POP 3’ – Angel POP (Super Summary)

System 15. ‘POP 3’ – Angel POP Basics

Influencers: Stephen HawkingEdward Witten
# Economics / Chaos Theory / The Butterfly Effect / General Relativity / Black Holes / Big Bang / String Theory / Global Network / Resort Developments / Urban Planning / The Poverty Gap / Universal Healthcare / Education


In as simple as terms as possible, Angel POP starts as M-System 5. Classic or BabyPOP which dictates that after a pre-determined point of profitability, every S-World company will invest its additional profit into the creation of a new S-World companies or grand networks (networks of companies attached to real estate developments) … Where after…

Angel POP uses plane old simple ‘supply and demand’ by limiting the investment options to include less desirable businesses locations, which need to be fully invested, before the next phase of POP investment options is released.

As a result and amplified by M-System 4 The Peet Tent, which dictates that no S-World company can fail. Reasons to invest into less desirable business locations in the first instance change. Be it a big company investing in a grand or super grand network, or a single man or woman needing to get finance from a bank to start an S-World company. The predetermined success of each network or company and the combination of Angel POP and the Peet Tent make each and every S-World venture desirable.

let’s consider M-Systems 6. The Theory of Every Business parts 1 New Sparta and 2 American Butterfly and M-System 7 ‘S-World VBN’ which all describe the creation of large resort styled ecologically-sound property developments, which contain S-World operation centres. Called Grand Networks (512 companies) or Super Grand Networks (4096 companies)

So starting from the first instance, instead of creating one grand or super grand network in a prime location such as California, we create two networks and twin their fortunes, so their joint income is one profit centre. A $1,000,000 in S-World California, sees 50% of the investment destined for say… Malawi, see M-System 6. The Theory of Every Business ‘African Butterfly’

In 2015 the IMF ranked Malawi as the 3 poorest country in the world, with most of its 16 million citizens living in abject poverty, earning an average of only USD $364 per person per year. But by creating a super grand network there a significant number of Malawi’s citizens can be moved out of Abject poverty. Hence Angel POP, or to be precise ‘Baby Angel POP,’ as the above example is very simple. The original 2012 Angel POP model looks at the same scenario in higher financial dimensions, with a great many more super grand networks.