System 6b. The Theory of Every Business (American Butterfly)

System 6b. The Theory of Every Business (American Butterfly)

Influencers: Sir Richard Branson – Hani Farsi – Mark Zuckerberg – Garret Lisi – Elon Musk
# US Debt Solution / Economics / Business / Resort Developments / Networks / Software / Healthcare / Environment / Philanthropy /Clean Energy / Education / Special Projects / Nongraduate Opportunities


On January 1st 2012 for several reasons, including that with POP it seemed possible, the New Sparta plans were put aside in favour of a US based plan called American Butterfly. First told as the last 14 chapters on In these chapters a real-world plot of 9 square miles near Orlando was found and a great deal of time was spent on infrastructure and other costs.

However, I needed to turn the resort development plans on their head. Instead of one super grand network, many grand networks (collections of small companies) were planned, about 10 per state. Where after the POP process, now the BabyPOP process which lowered its POP point for later networks, would over the years create new grand networks locally.

In April 2012 the theoretical math that can be seen at the beginning of The Network on a String, made sense and the book The Theory of Every Business began. It was important to work in an industry that was different from travel. So, an imaginary company ‘The Window Factory’ was created and described in chapter 2 ‘The Suppliers Butterfly’ which used the technology but also benefited from tenders from the string of networks that would be created by BabyPOP.

Chapter 3 ‘The Theory of more than we know now,’ looked at Give Half Back initiatives that were created via the grand networks, in particular Universities and Spartan Contracts (nongraduate opportunities), SURH’s (Super University Resort Hospitals), Alternate Energies and the popularization of electronic cars.

Chapter 4, The Locations Butterfly presented 16 location enhancing exercises that would at the least double the value of a property development investment. So, making any investment into the technology of the networks hedged by a property investment of the same value.

Chapter 8, S-World UCS which is retold later in M-System’s 12, 13 & 14 created eight ‘for benefit’ special projects funded by Give Half Back (The GGW-String).

The American Butterfly economic solution was primarily that each grand network would have a SURH (Super University Resort Hospital) and via Give Half Back funding and research into pharmaceuticals, each grand network would absorb as many US medical liabilities as possible.