System 6a. The Theory of Every Business (New Sparta)

System 6a. The Theory of Every Business (New Sparta)

Influencers: Sir Richard Branson – Hani Farsi – Mark Zuckerberg – Elon Musk
# Greek Debt Solution / Economics / Business / Resort Developments / Networks / Software / Environment /Renewable Energy / Education / Special Projects


The Theory of Every Business was created as the first of the four American Butterfly books in the summer of 2012. Before this most of the 42 chapters from the website (in 2011) contributed to it. This summary is for and the Greek economy

The Theory of Every Business looks at the network in macroeconomics and the creation of a series of ecologically safe resort developments (called grand networks). There are four advantages of creating such developments.

  1. They would provide campus and operations centres needed to create the systems.
  2. Investments into joining the network, could be hedged by property ownership.
  3. We could test the network in other industries by including the companies who build and later conduct business in the developments.
  4. The S-World networks of villa rental companies,’ real estate companies, and individuals could sell and rent the properties in the resorts.

In addition to the resort developments, by August 2011, a significant theoretical plan for Facebook, its members, and travel partners had been created as: ‘Facebook Travel’ which included plans for the S-World Virtual Networks, S-World UCS the TFBMS and Give Half Back, which saw half of the ventures profit given to science, ecology, & global economic stability.

The science was that the city was devoted mostly to science. Ecology came from clean energy, nonfuel cars, and if it could be afforded solar powered desalination plants would turn areas of the arid landscape into lush forests. The economic stability came from Greece’s income, from selling the land, the development providing work and opportunities, ripple effects across Greece and better business software and networks for Greek companies which would in turn pay their fair share of tax (which was Greece’s single biggest economic problem).

In late 2011 POP was discovered and applied to the New Sparta network which in theory saw the companies of new Sparta create new grand-networks across the globe and an economic golden age for Greece. However, it was considered that if Facebook, Microsoft, Google, Apple and IBM were part the network, then investment into the network as a future technology as well as a good property development would be more forthcoming. A fact still very true today.