S-World VBN – Virtual Business Network (Super Summary)

System 7. S-World VBN – Virtual Business Network

Virtual World / Network / Software
Hani Farsi – Larry Page – Sergey Brin – Mark Zuckerberg – Steve Jobs – Will Wright – Bill Gates


Some people have seen M-Systems and suggested that innovation is bests found by looking specifically at one subject and dedicating one’s self to it. To those people, I say Ok then I have! We are making one product called S-World which is short for ‘Sienna’s-World’ a virtual world where my daughter Sienna can live as an Angel and help raise money for great causes and be loved by many.

After 14 years of relevant experience in programming, design, and photography by 2002 I had created the world’s first commercial virtual tour in Flash. And at the time it was awesome. One may consider all that had been done since the planning needed to make money from a Virtual Tour, or in the present a Virtual World.

First things first, S-World the Virtual World will be different from Sim City, Second Life, and others, as it will be a mirror image of our world. In terms of making such a world financially successful, each shop in the world will be able to sell its products to visitors. And over time we would wish to build a substantial presence for each and every shop or office, but first the world needs to be popular and that is the job of S-World VSN (up next).

To kick off S-World we have a simple idea which is to first work with Will Wright the creator of the Sims and Sim City. At first, we would make S-World online which will show a canvas of earth with very little detail. We would invite people, businesses, and governments to upload the details of plots of land available for sale. The plot will be created into a Sim City landscape and the Sim City gamers assisted by some additional architectural features by Stefan Antoni and other architects further existed by a dedicated golf course and other attraction design tools.

We hope this will lead to many different resort designs for each and every plot of land uploaded. And once a city design is chosen, the SIMS players can design the houses.
We have 16 different types of development in the first phase: Angel Cities 1 to 5, the 8 Continental Network Capitals, the science city, a network city, and the Global Network capital.

The cost for the land for such network may range but given $25 million a 1% interest loan, the land can be afforded.

As soon as the land is purchased and the plans conform to planning regulations, we can start either selling properties of plan to raise infrastructure capital, or the properties can be exchanged for S-Wold Network investments.

Where it gets interesting for Will Wright and the SIMS players is that if someone chooses a design made by a gamer, the gamer gets paid, a lot… maybe a few percent, which on an estate would make a six figure US dollar income.

It’s important to note that M-System 1 Villa Secrets is just about to start creating a network of 100 or more successful high top-end real estate agencies in the most popular locations across the world. For the right development, each agency will have clients who are interested in development opportunities. Any one such agency could sell $20 million in off plan properties, which if one multiplies by the 100 agencies sees $2 billion in income. To encourage and reward our estate agents it’s likely that the commission would be 6.25%, which in some cases is 6 times more than average.

Plus, it’s great for our real estate agents and villa agencies and all travel
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