S-World VSN – Virtual Social Network (Super Summary)

System 8. S-World VSN – Virtual Social Network

Social Network / Virtual Network / Teleport to GPS / Travel / Media /
Larry Page – Sergey Brin – Mark Zuckerberg – Will Wright


S-World VSN & VBN can be considered the origin of the project, the main product that all other M-System assist to be profitable. S-World is short for ‘Sienna’s-World’ and an idea for a virtual world where I could see my daughter Sienna live as an Angel helping to raise money for great causes.

As we have heard the plans for S-World VSN is to make the Virtual World a mirror of our own world. The fun element, or one fun element is ‘Teleport to GPS, where one can go to a friend’s location and virtually see all that can be seen. Or say on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram jump to the location of someone they are following, that is of course so long as the person being followed has VSN GPS app turned to ‘follow.’