‘POP 2’ – High String Coupling (Super Summary)

System 9. ‘POP 2’ – High String Coupling

String Theory / M Theory / Inflation / Quantum Mechanics / Business / Economics / Networking
Edward WittenAmanda PeetStephen Hawking


https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PBOwargPdJ4#t=22.297591 at 49.52

The simplest description I have for High String Coupling in Physics, String and M-Theory is provided by Dr Amanda Peet, ‘String Theory Logos for Black Holes’ (at 41.43 minutes).

Added recently: At 47 minutes: Unlike in M-Theory experiments where one has to use a very low string coupling and many brains (big companies) or one makes all sorts of anomalies, in M-Systems we can use high string coupling and a large amount of brains.

It will lead to an anomaly, and that would be S-World economics taking over and increasing global GDP by a great deal. But that is not a result that should be ignored. It is a kind of Inflation.

High String Coupling considers 2011/12 Traditional Classic and BabyPOP investment systems alongside all other investment methods considered since.



In addition to worrying about the correctness of the equations I have missed out quite an important point. Which is that real world tests for Villa Secrets have shown that investors are more likely to agree to POP. And in general companies are likely to make more money faster if they are not forced to invest in a string/train of companies and could choose from many opportunities in many locations for their POP Investment.

This to a degree breaks the fundamental rule of POP that says companies need to invest in trains. As in the long term it seems to create a stronger system which is far less vulnerable to macroeconomic highs and lows.

However, the point is not to prove Classic & BabyPOP as the only way to invest. The point is to create the strongest system, particularly now that there are some many other magical effects created from one discipline of physics or another.

One can see that this was an important factor by looking at the two different graphics I created for the Systems

The graphic below sees the POP formula shattered and with cubes everywhere.


However, now that I have adapted QuESC to display a ‘cubes everywhere’ view it’s not a bad thing. We just must try and apply rules that avoid creating recurring numbers.


In fact, I think I will create a second-High String Coupling Quick Summary page so I can present both the equations and explain about using the non A&B string POP. Which I guess I should name… Let’s call it Disruptive POP

Angel City 2 (High String Coupling)

However, not necessarily as busy as Angel City 2 which will have the task of steering and adapting to the early effects of high string coupling. (When initial companies and strings are creating more than two new companies or strings in a year, any of the companies and strings they create is also creating more than two companies and strings in a year, and so on…)

It will be for Angel City 2 to work out whether or not the string coupling dial should be turned up, down, or just left to its own devices.