M-Systems – Introduction


Hi, I’m Nick Ray Ball. I have a passion for complex systems, networks, and the laws of nature. I have created a design for a network called S-World, within which are 17 different system designs that simulate the laws of nature as described by the discipline M-Theory.

From 2011 to 2013 I researched and wrote a series of four theoretical large scale macroeconomic papers/books called ‘American Butterfly,’ in which a business network called ‘S-World’ strengthens in the USA and creates economic ripple effects across the globe.

The theory was simple at heart and was in book one titled: ‘The Theory of Every Business.’ The less simple facet of American Butterfly was the POP investment principle, and how in books two and three I started to simulate the effects of the laws of nature and in particular string theory.

Since writing American Butterfly, I have spent the last four years working hard to integrate the very large macro-economic theory into a very small real-world S-World microeconomic network. And equally hard creating working prototypes, real business and the ‘S-Web’ CMS framework’ , which is a system for creating large scale real estate websites like Villa, simply, easily and at lightning pace. Once we complete the business & marketing software (The TFBMS AI) we will have a disruptive product. A product that will disrupt the market, or markets; as once perfected it we shall adapt it to other industry types.

To present this theory simply, I have created a series of 1 page “quick-summaries.” Over time I hope that the physicists, economists, and business scientists mentioned within will create their own papers. For instance, ‘The Peet Tent by Dr Peet,’ or ‘Susskind on The Susskind Boost.’

For this introduction, in terms of physics, I have focused on the work of Stephen Hawking as he is known and respected by just about everyone on the planet.

The work is business and economics, enhanced by software, theoretical physics, and game theory. The first academic order is to verify that the work is a good use of theoretical physics. M-Systems does not directly use M-theory’s higher mathematics instead it simulates the principles, and ‘games them out’. I can imagine physicists reading and scratching their heads. So, I shall quickly move into a summary of these effects. The key word is ‘simulate,’ whereby we see the outcome of a principle in theoretical physics and then simulate it within the system so the same effect is created within S-World network.