Angelverses (Super Summary)

System 16. Angelverses

Influencers: Edward Witten – James Gates – Amanda PeetBrian GreenMichael GreeneLeonard SusskindStephen HawkingSir Richard Branson / Bill Gates / Google / Mark Zuckerberg / Steve Jobs
# M-Theory / Supersymmetry / String Theory / Dimensions /Quantum Mechanics / Global Network / Technology / Business / Economics / Governments / Geography


Angelverses are giant businesses, networks of big businesses, philanthropists, high network individuals and under a different set of laws governments. Who can invest into S-World opportunities. In terms of m-theory, these companies are in the multiverse dimension and each is its own universe, as such there can be as many as ten to the 500th power. However, such networks. However, we are only looking as very similar universes that mostly have the same laws but do have variations.

There are a few ways the above can be invested into S-World and M-Systems.

1. Philanthropic Investment into the special project 1 Experience Africa, which will be the first super grand network. Currently considered as a twining of a large resort development in Malawi and a series of 512 high end real estate and travel companies in California, and surrounding states, that follow POP to eventually make 4096 companies. We shall start the process by asking for pledges that only become options once $’x’ is pledged, ‘x; being a enough to create a significant resort development, with a great amount of land purchased in the first instance for later phases of development.

2. A big business can invest in the start of small to medium S-World companies. In which case 50% or more equity would be owned by the hand on head or heads of the company. For instance, Sotheby’s Realty, may desire 64 Villa Secrets Realtor/Travel licences for their franchises, or to create new franchises.

3. In some cases, a company like Pepsi may create S-World Pepsi companies which can sell direct to the network.

4. In some or many cases a company can itself become a S-World company by contributing to the GGW-String and following the M-System laws.
Last to consider is what becomes of Villa Secrets and the to be created S-World Virtual Networks, are they owned by one or all?

To conclude this personation, we now need to consider getting some investment and completing the M-Systems circle back to M-System 1, and start again… repeat, repeat, repeat…

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