Angel POP Laws

System 15. ‘POP 3’ – Angel POP Laws

Influencers: Stephen Hawking – Edward Witten – Amanda Peet – Andrew Strominger – Cumrun Vafa
# Economics / Chaos Theory / The Butterfly Effect / General Relativity / Black Holes / Big Bang / String Theory / Global Network / Resort Developments / Urban Planning / The Poverty Gap / Universal Healthcare / Education / M-Theory


We need to create a set of laws that apply to the GGW String, TFBMS, POP, Super Coupling [2], RES [2], QuESC [2], Angle POP & Angel Verses. So, that we create a system that is fine-tuned and needs little or no tweaking. Fortunately, as M-Systems mimics/simulations the laws of M-Theory we can seek inspiration for such laws in nature and benefit from billions of years of economic compression (Paraphrased Hawking). As opposed to attempt to make a complete set of laws from up from scratch.

In Dr Amanda Peet’s lecture ‘String Theory Legos for Black Holes’ at 48 minutes Dr Peet presents the concept the different dimensions of string theory have some basic laws (or rules) which effect the makeup of our universe.

Peet explains that in 1996 two Harvard physicists Dr’s Andrew Strominger & Cumrun Vafa used string quantum mechanics to calculate the entropy of what a system would be… And it turned out to give exactly the same answer as the Bekenstein Hawking entropy predicted 40 years earlier. The important point of the above is that by coming to the same conclusion using 2 different methods it made the math much more likely to be correct.

And so, ideally, we would consider the fundamental laws that apply to m-theory and dimensions from a string quantum mechanics perspective. However, in Hawking’s book ‘The Grand Design,’ he describes ‘The Game of Life’ which uses some very simple laws to great effect, so it’s possible we may just use laws that simple fit the model well But in general we want laws that hold without exception. But can be adapted by adding new laws

One law may be that an Abject Company is twinned to a big company
Another may be that a relative company’s GGW-String contention is always set to boost.
Another may be that we all of we will not invest in D9 until D8 is fully invested.
Another may be that a big company must support more than 1 abject company